Down In Front

School Production

Drama Club's 2019 end of year play is "Down in Front". 


It's opening night at the charming, old Harlequin Theatre- but the entertainment isn't onstage- it's all happening in the lobby! The mystery develops when it is discovered that someone is sabotaging the theatre before the Fire Marshall arrives!  Who would be trying to get the old theatre shut down?  Could it be the nasty theatre critic who has never had a kind word for the Harlequin?  The leading man (who is a bit past his prime, to say the least!)?  Ushers Candy or Frieda since Gary seems to be dating both of them?  The list of possibilities is as long as the laughs in this hilarious farce that goes to show you that all the drama isn’t onstage.  A lot of it happens Down in Front!


Performance nights: Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th December.

Tickets on sale now through the front office. Hurry- seats are limited.