Drama Club End of Year Performance

"Who Poisoned His Meatball?" 07 Dec 2018

Congratulations to the Drama Club students for their performances of ‘Who Poisoned His Meatball?’ Both nights were sold out shows and the students represented themselves and the school beautifully. A brilliant end to a long year.

Well done to you all, 
Mrs Cuthbertson.

COSY Workshop

Songwriting Workshop 21 Nov 2018

Lakeland Specialist Music Technology has partnered up with Western Australian Music (WAM) to bring industry professionals to work with our Specialist Music students in  2019 with four workshops that will run throughout the year. These workshops will cover aspects from songwriting, business marketing, social media and to help students develop a brand to further our students their musical careers.

Filipino Tinikling Dance

Cultural Day 2018 09 Oct 2018

On Wednesday 19 September, the Lakeland Senior High School community celebrated Cultural Day.  

Yr 9 Specialised Phys Ed

Year 9 Specialised Physical Education 11 Sep 2018

Our year 9 Specialised Physical Education class have been applying their Volleyball skills learnt in class at Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball. The students have enjoyed practing their skills in a different environment. 

Miss Scott

Rosie's VLOG

A Day in the Life of a Student 06 Sep 2018

Students are creating VLOGs (Video Logs) which depicts what life can be like at Lakeland SHS.  

Our first VLOG belongs to Rosie, a Year 11 Student who shows us a little of what being in Food Science & Technology and Children, Family & Community entails.