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Lakeland Empowering Athlete Program (LEAP) in Touch Football & Sport Science

The program is designed to meet the highest educational standards while fostering athleticism, leadership, and teamwork.

Unleash your true potential in the world of Touch Football and Sport Science with our groundbreaking LEAP program. Tailored to the highest standards of the Western Australian curriculum, LEAP is not just a program; it's a transformative journey that propels athletes to new heights of excellence.


Elevate your game -

Step onto the field with confidence, mastering the arts of invasion games and spatial awareness. Our LEAP curriculum is designed to not only meet, but exceed, educational standards offering a dynamic blend of skills development, tactical prowess, and strategic thinking. Led by expert coaches, you'll thrive in a supportive environment that nurtures your passion for the game.


Excel in Sport Science

LEAP goes beyond the field — dive into the science of sports with our Sport Science component. Explore the intricacies of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and cutting-edge training methodologies. Our curriculum aligns seamlessly with the Western Australian educational standards, ensuring a holistic education that empowers you to understand, optimise, and excel in your athletic journey.


LEAP into a New Dimension

LEAP isn't just a program; it's a leap into a new dimension of athletic achievement. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the curriculum — we foster a community where passion meets purpose. Connect with fellow athletes, engage in real-world applications, and be mentored by industry professionals who are as dedicated to your success as you are.



- Tailored Excellence: Curriculum aligned with Western Australian standards, ensuring academic and athletic growth.

- Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned coaches and sport science professionals.

- Community and Support: Join a network of passionate athletes and mentors who understand your journey.

- Real-World Application: Apply your skills in thew field, connecting theory with practice for a well-rounded experience.


Leap into the extraordinary — LEAP into a future where your athletic dreams become a reality. Your journey begins now.


Ready to LEAP? Let's redefine what's possible in Touch Football and Sport Science together.


Education & Further Opportunities

Students attending LEAP at Lakeland SHS may also access the academic enrichment program – ACHIEVE and Specialist Music Technology – where they also meet the selection criteria for these programs.

In years 7-10 students will complete their officiating qualifications in a variety of sports. They will have the opportunity to be paid for these services at various sporting tournaments including Lightning Carnivals, SSWA organised competitions and Country Week.

Students will also complete their bronze medallion and first aid to assist them in further employment opportunities at local venues such as Cockburn Arc and Cockburn Icing Skating.

In upper school, students can select a VET or ATAR pathway depending on their future goals.

Lakeland SHS has strong partnerships with local associations and governing bodies to ensure students have access to further training outside of school.


Selection Process & Requirement

  • Application for Admission
  • Trials, interviews, and fitness testing
  • Completed application form - demonstrates the ability to meet the selection criteria

Parents will be notified by the school about interview and audition times.



For information about applications, please contact the school’s Enrolment Officer.  Alternatively, you can apply online and we will confirm your application. Please use the nomination link below.


LEAP in Touch Football & Sport Science Trial Nomination Form

LEAP in Sport Science Enrolment Form