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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Lakeland Senior High School

As an Independent Public School, Lakeland SHS has set about establishing a reputation for learning excellence and high standards. We believe in our motto “Strive to Achieve” and we expect our students to apply this to all aspects of their schooling.

We believe in our school mission statement:

“To be a place of learning, where all members of our school community aspire to excel in a culture that nurtures and promotes engagement for future success.”

We have high expectations of our school community and we endeavour to develop the conditions that enable students to meet these expectations. We believe in establishing programs and processes that encourage students to care for each other and be considerate towards all members of our community. This develops a sense of pride in the school and we are continually looking at ways to reward those students that display this quality.

Academic excellence is a goal of the school and along with highly motivated teachers delivering up to date courses, we provide opportunities for our students to attain additional tuition through the provision of after-school homework classes. Our academic support processes ensure that your student is provided with ongoing monitoring to ensure that they are on-track throughout the year and we provide many opportunities for parents to discuss their student’s progress.

We know that the best outcome for a student’s education is when we work in partnership and when parents are positively engaged in their student’s education. The Connect portal is available to all parents and this can be used by you to monitor your student’s attendance, assessments and to communicate directly with your student’s teachers. We are moving towards using electronic formats for much of our communication and the school website and our Facebook page are used as a primary means of communication between the school and parents.

Our school based Engagement Team has put in place structures that support students who are experiencing mental, emotional or physical health problems and we actively work to ensure that students are cared for at school.

Lakeland SHS has achieved much in the past and we are looking forward to working with you and your student to achieve many more great things in the future. I am excited and proud to be the principal of this great school and I look forward to meeting you in the future and working out how we can both work towards achieving your child’s future goals.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Catherine Baron