Year 10 Student Wins Gold at National Championships

Congratulations to Alla Parnov for winning a gold medal at the Australian National Athletics Championships! Alla won gold jumping 3.7m in the Pole Vault with her closest competitor jumping 3.6m.

Year 7 Induction Week

During the Year 7 Induction Program the students were involved in several social-emotional learning activities.  One interesting activity uses potatoes to teach an anti-discrimination message as well as the importance of getting along with each other.


At first glance, from the outside all the potatoes look the same.  However, every student got to choose a potato.  They look at its individual features and what makes it special.  They named their potato and made up a story about it, which they shared within small groups.  The potatoes are then mixed up and students are invited to find their potato from the class set.  Every student was able to identify their own potato!!!


As with the potatoes, the same is true with people.  Although we may think certain groups of people look the same to us from the outside, we are all individuals with individual differences and this activity demonstrates the importance of getting to know people before we make a judgement about them.  The aim of the activity was to  help students to break down stereotypes, while getting to learn more about others.


On the Friday, we cooked up the potatoes and the year 7 students got to enjoy potato salad!  We relayed the message that although on the outside we are all different, on the inside – like potatoes – we are all the same.


Anita Cecic

School Psychologist

On behalf of Lakeland Engagement Team

NRL WA U16 State Reps

Congratulations to April Alan, Brianna Young and Tehani Tairea for being selected as part of the 2019 All Flags Signs & Banners Under 16s Girls State Team.  The girls will represent our state at the CAS - Combined Affiliated State Championships.

Pole Vaulting U16 State Champion

Congratulations to Year 10 student Alla Parnov for her win at the 2019 Coles State Track & Field Championships on 16 February WA.  In the U16 Pole Vaulting division, Alla jumped 3.71m beating the second place getter who jumped 3.30m.

"Who Poisoned His Meatball?"

Congratulations to the Drama Club students for their performances of ‘Who Poisoned His Meatball?’ Both nights were sold out shows and the students represented themselves and the school beautifully. A brilliant end to a long year.

Well done to you all, 
Mrs Cuthbertson.

Songwriting Workshop

Lakeland Specialist Music Technology has partnered up with Western Australian Music (WAM) to bring industry professionals to work with our Specialist Music students in  2019 with four workshops that will run throughout the year. These workshops will cover aspects from songwriting, business marketing, social media and to help students develop a brand to further our students their musical careers.

On Tuesday 20th November the students worked together with the Band “COSY” in which they mentored the students to write and perform a song in 50 minutes.  During the workshop, the students manage to write three full songs which will be developed later throughout this year.

Here is the video link of one of the songs.

Cultural Day 2018

On Wednesday 19 September, the Lakeland Senior High School community celebrated Cultural Day.  

For this year’s Cultural Day some of our Filipino students performed a mixture of Filipino traditional dance. The performance started with Tinikling which is a traditional Philippine folk dance which originated during the Spanish colonial era. The dance involves two people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over and in between the poles in a dance.  This was followed by Pandanggo: A Filipino Candle Dance.  Candles, which are called tinghoy, represent fireflies.   Some steps in our dance are not traditional, such as the whole group dance, but do represent the Philippines.  An example is “typhoons” which are a huge challenge in the Philippines.

The Philippines has on average twenty typhoons every year, in which a quarter of those would be very destructive. However, despite this challenge, Filipinos still manage to stand still and be indestructible because of our “unity”. These two examples were presented towards the end of the whole group dance. The students choreographed the performance and the music was written by Edgar Garcia in Year 12.

By Fritz Alimurong
Student Vice President

Year 9 Specialised Physical Education

Our year 9 Specialised Physical Education class have been applying their Volleyball skills learnt in class at Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball. The students have enjoyed practing their skills in a different environment. 

Miss Scott

A Day in the Life of a Student

Students are creating VLOGs (Video Logs) which depicts what life can be like at Lakeland SHS.  

Our first VLOG belongs to Rosie, a Year 11 Student who shows us a little of what being in Food Science & Technology and Children, Family & Community entails.