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NOVA Academic Enrichment

The Program

NOVA is an academic enrichment program designed to prepare students for an ATAR/university pathway.

NOVA students are given the opportunity to display their knowledge and understanding of content in a variety of ways, with a large emphasis placed on learning using ICT. Places are highly competitive in NOVA. Students who gain a place into the NOVA Program need to maintain high academic standards, adhere to the Code of Conduct and have an attendance rate above 90% or their position will be reviewed.

Academic Pathway

A student in the NOVA program will have the opportunity to experience a differentiated and enriched curriculum that encourages academic extension. They will gain the opportunity to:

  • Participate in Incursions – bringing expertise into the classroom: writers, lawyers, engineers, scientists, politicians, police officers
  • Attend excursions – we endeavor to extend the classroom into the community: to Parliament, law courts, Murdoch University and its media and science laboratories, and to areas of historical, cultural and environmental interest.
  • Visit to local primary schools to deliver subject specific lessons.
  • Prepare for ATAR courses – all students and parents will have a clear and confident understanding of the requirements of the university pathway. ELEVATE Education has Teamed up with Lakeland SHS to deliver quality, up to date information about study techniques and being successful.

NOVA students will be effective communicators

It is essential for future success in Year 12, at university and in careers that students can express themselves effectively as writers and speakers.

To enhance this capability students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of public speaking forums including:

  • Coordination and presentation of ANZAC Assembly.
  • NOVA students compete in the Fremantle District Interschool Debating Competition.
  • Representatives are selected to compete in other speaking competitions held throughout the year.

NOVA and Personal Development

Students are more successful in ATAR exams if they are supported by others working towards the same goal. NOVA will focus on team-building. We want students to be enthusiastic about their academic development and understand the importance of building effective relationships. Throughout Years 7 and 9 students take part in a range of activities which allow this personal growth.

NOVA students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills

  • NOVA students will strive to achieve and maintain Advanced Standing within the school community, demonstrating the highest standards of behaviour, dress and attendance.

  • NOVA students will be confident in their abilities and assertive in their personal presentation.

  • NOVA students are expected to seek opportunities to take on leadership roles within the school to assist both staff and peers.