Lakeland SHS
Red Square
Demountable Class Rooms

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Lakeland Senior High School, an Independent Public School in the heart of South Lake.

Lakeland SHS was chosen as an Independent Public School in 2011, recognising the outstanding progress and growth that he school has made over the recent past. In 2017 Lakeland SHS was in the Top 50 schools in Western Australia for Literacy and Numeracy Improvement for years 9 to 12. The school has a consistent cohort of ATAR bound students and in recent years the number of students choosing this pathway has increased.

The school also has an outstanding Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) program and students are provided opportunities to undertake further, higher level training in a number of industry fields.

Our school provides all students with the opportunity to achieve their goals and ambitions and we work together with our community to ensure that all students are provided a high-quality education.

Lakeland SHS is a very welcoming school, with a strongly embedded culture of students support and a richness that is developed through an accepting and multi-cultural school community. As a medium sized school, we are in the wonderful position of being able to provide wide opportunities for our students while being able to maintain a family focus, with students and their families being an integral part of the school structure. This enables us to ensure that your student doesn’t fall ‘through the cracks’ as we know our student body well and are able to cater for their social and emotional, as well as academic needs.

Our core values are well known by our staff and community and are embraced and reinforced at every opportunity:

  • Our family ethos – we expect our students to support and care for one another like family.
  • Our brand – We conduct ourselves with pride and dignity. We stand for success and we are proud of our achievements. We seek to portray ourselves in the best possible light through being polite, courteous and respectful in and out of the school.
  • Our calm and friendly school – We value our school environment and we do not tolerate disruption to the learning of others. We aim to ensure that all students are provided with an environment that helps them to learn to the best of their ability.
  • Our multi-cultural identity – we have a shared belief in the respect and tolerance for others, regardless of background or culture.
  • Our hero bystanders – we encourage our students to be heroes in preventing and stopping bullying. Heroes are recognised and celebrated.
  • Our You Can Do It culture – we encourage students to be well-organised, to be persistent, get along with others, have confidence and to be resilient.

A goal of the school has been to maintain our status as a school of choice within the local area and beyond and we have a large number of students from outside our local area applying to enter the school due to the quality of the specialist programs that we deliver.  Our Music Technology and Touch Football programs are held in very high esteem and selection in to these courses is highly competitive.

As principal, I have been clear with our staff and students about my beliefs and expectations. Quite simply, I believe that every student deserves to be provided with the opportunity to develop their social, emotional and academic skills in a supportive and safe environment. It is my role to assist the staff in developing plans and processes that enable this to occur and I have set some clear goals for myself as leader of this school.

Our best chance at success and achieving our targets and goals lies in working closely with the student and their family. When this occurs, learning accelerates and I strongly encourage all parents to become active members of our school community. Whether this is through membership of the School Board or Parents and Citizens Association, or just through regularly contacting your child’s teachers and working with them to ensure that learning is at its optimum levels, together we can ensure that your child meets their academic goals for the future.

 A simple step that all parents can take is in encouraging and ensuring that their child attends school regularly. Attendance is one of the biggest factors that affects the academic progress of a learner and by ensuring that your child maintains an attendance rate above 90% you will be laying the strongest foundations for their learning journey.

I look forward to working with you to ensure that your child is given the best academic opportunities at Lakeland Senior High School and I encourage you to contact me and discuss any questions that you may have about our school. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Mr Alan Brown