Nutha Way

Nutha Way workshop

"On Wednesday, our Indigenous students had the opportunity to work with Millennium Kids, to look at the underlying issues that lead to fare evasion, aiming to break down barriers and build relationships between young Indigenous people and PTA Transit Officers.

Nutha Way is a new program presented by Right Track that brings together local Indigenous young people, elders and community stakeholders to develop a youth-led strategy, helping young Indigenous people understand legal impacts.

Throughout the day, students designed innovative ways to solve problems, met the WA Wildlife team from Native Arc and learnt about identifying risks and risk management through a reptile handling workshop.

Once an issue was recognised within their community, students identified opportunities for change and designed solutions to overcome the problem. They worked within teams to create a series of solutions that look at Education, Behavioural Change, Design and Innovation, Community Actions and Rules and Regulations. Miss Valentine and I are extremely impressed with how our students conducted themselves throughout the day. They did Lakeland proud!"


Mr K Marshall

Follow the Dream Coordinator