Attendance Hotline 9412 3196 * SMS Absentees 0407 386 726 * School Number 9412 3100 •


A priority for the Department of Education and Lakeland SHS is to achieve a 90% attendance rate for students.

At Lakeland SHS we strongly believe in the connection between good attendance and success at school.  The school will closely monitor and inform parents when attendance falls below 80%.

The school will also keep parents informed about daily attendance through text messaging and the CONNECT application available to parents upon request to the school.

Parents are urged to work in partnership with the school to assure their child attends 90% of the time.

Please note that the school does not endorse or authorise students taking holidays as a reasonable reason for not attending school.

Attendance Contacts
Hotline: 94123196
SMS: 0407386726