Cultural Day 2018

On Wednesday 19 September, the Lakeland Senior High School community celebrated Cultural Day.  

For this year’s Cultural Day some of our Filipino students performed a mixture of Filipino traditional dance. The performance started with Tinikling which is a traditional Philippine folk dance which originated during the Spanish colonial era. The dance involves two people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over and in between the poles in a dance.  This was followed by Pandanggo: A Filipino Candle Dance.  Candles, which are called tinghoy, represent fireflies.   Some steps in our dance are not traditional, such as the whole group dance, but do represent the Philippines.  An example is “typhoons” which are a huge challenge in the Philippines.

The Philippines has on average twenty typhoons every year, in which a quarter of those would be very destructive. However, despite this challenge, Filipinos still manage to stand still and be indestructible because of our “unity”. These two examples were presented towards the end of the whole group dance. The students choreographed the performance and the music was written by Edgar Garcia in Year 12.

By Fritz Alimurong
Student Vice President

Year 9 Specialised Physical Education

Our year 9 Specialised Physical Education class have been applying their Volleyball skills learnt in class at Fremantle Indoor Beach Volleyball. The students have enjoyed practing their skills in a different environment. 

Miss Scott

A Day in the Life of a Student

Students are creating VLOGs (Video Logs) which depicts what life can be like at Lakeland SHS.  

Our first VLOG belongs to Rosie, a Year 11 Student who shows us a little of what being in Food Science & Technology and Children, Family & Community entails.


LSHS Specialist Touch Students excel in WA State Tournament

Yesterday our Specialist Touch Football students competed in the SSWA Champion Schools Tournament. Our students did a fantastic job of representing our school in a positive manner. I was very impressed with the level of Touch Football displayed and even more pleased with the student's attitude and sportsmanship shown throughout the day.

Our Lakeland "A" boy and girl teams are both through to the semifinal, which will be played next Monday 3rd September at George Burnett Oval, Karawara at 4:15pm with the grand final to follow. We would like to see as many of our Lakeland SHS Community there to support our teams. Our students are so talented, and being given this opportunity to perform as part of a specialist program has allowed them to shine! Bring a picnic rug, some snacks and enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine; I know the students would love to see you there, too.

Kind Regards
Mr Twose
Specialist Touch Football Coordinator

Alcoa Pinjarra Year 11 Geography Excursion

'Twas an unusually warm day on Friday the 24th of August, when the Year 11 ATAR Geography class headed out on an excursion of a life time. The sun shining bright on us, we began our one-hour drive to the community of Pinjarra, where the Alcoa Pinjarra Alumina Refinery is located, down some real country roads, where we saw some workers rights protesters and a lot of cows. The workers rights protesters seemed really friendly, though, because as we drove by they waved and the Geography class as a collective, waved back. It was a wonderful interaction.

Anyway, from there we proceeded to pull over because we were half an hour early, and the tour didn't start until 10:30am, so we got out of the little bus, or "coach" as the old lady that was leading the tour kept saying, and stretched our legs and ate some chips, kindly provided by Mrs Trevaskis, bless her cotton socks. So half an hour went of eating some salt and vinegar chips and taking in the morning sun and freshness of the country air, when Mr Prosser and Mrs Trevaskis yelled at us to mosey on back into the bus, because it was time to learn about the exportation and mining of bauxite! How exciting!

The anticipation of learning was too much for us, so you can bet your bottom dollar that it didn't take too much convincing for us to bounce back onto the bus!

After we were all safely seated, we drove further down the road, and right before our youthful eyes was the entrance to the Alcoa Pinjarra Alumina Refinery, where we waited for a bit for the said "tour guide" to meet us. The tour guide was an old, grey lady in steel capped boots, with reasonably sized pearls hanging from her old ear lobes. She explained to us that she had been working there for 40 years, and the person that was supposed to take the tour today, called in sick and given her experience and position within the company, she took the tour. That was fine by us. I mean, as long as we got to hear about the fascinating and extensive history of bauxite, the tour guide didn't really matter!

That being said, she continued to inform us for the next two hours about the production, chemical compounds and potential exportation of bauxite, all while we drove down the dirt track roads, to where production was happening. At one point, at the beginning of the tour, we went into an office, where we met Kelly, who's role at Alcoa was virtually the eyes and ears, watching and making sure things were running on track and smoothly. Her job also entailed scheduling maintenance for the machines that are used to mine the bauxite. It was most interesting.

After the two-hour tour ended, we were on our way to the Pinjarra Bakery to get some delicious treats! If you ask anyone on this excursion, they'd probably tell you that this was their favourite part of the whole experience, but let me tell you, the hot, steamy deliciousness of a steak and cheese pie could NEVER compensate for the fascinating and extensive history of bauxite that is now permanently burned into my memory. The excursion was so incredibly educational, I doubt anyone could forget it!

Once everyone was comfortably full of wonderful baked goods, it was time to begin the journey home. For the whole hour bus ride home, we spent it reminiscing the memories and education shared at the Alcoa Pinjarra Alumina Refinery and came to the conclusion that this excursion is one we'll NEVER forget!

By Year 11 Student - Marina

Runner-Up Champions

Congratulations to Mr Twose and Mr Timms for the performances of the boys and girls touch teams in the finals of the School sport WA Champion Schools tournament Monday afternoon.

Both the boys and girls teams made it through to the grand final but were unfortunately defeated by Aranmore College in both finals. The students played well and represented the school with distinction.

Thanks also to Staff and Parents who gave up their time to support the teams Monday afternoon. Your support was appreciated.

Year 12 Final Day Breakfast19 Oct 2018

Breakfast Invitation

Breakfast & Rehearsal Permission Form

Time:              7.15am-9am
Venue:            Lakeland SHS Library
Dress:             Smart Casual

Yr 12 Graduation Rehearsal - NO SCHOOL FOR YEAR 12 STUDENTS17 Oct 2018

Graduation Breakfast & Permission Form

Time:              10am-11am
Venue:            Mount Pleasant Community College
                       497 Marmion St 

Students must make their own way to the venue.

Australian History Competition

Top Lakeland SHS Students

The Australian History Competition is prepared by the History Teachers’ Association of Australia and run in conjunction with The Giant Classroom.

A primary goal has been to provide an interesting and challenging competition for students, but it is also an opportunity to support teachers in the implementation of the new Australian Curriculum: History.

This year we asked the Humanities and Social Sciences students from year 7 - 10 to vie for a place in the top ten of History students at our school.

We are pleased to announce that the following students performed admirably in this year’s competition.  Three of our students received a credit (74%) and Imogen Gelmi receiving a High Distinction (84%).

Well done to you all

Mr Greg Prosser

HASS Head of Learning Area

“HASS – Helping students better understand their place in the world.”