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International Students

Lakeland SHS is approved to enroll international fee paying students. Below are a few words from one of our current international students.

Emma-WangAs an international student, I came to Lakeland SHS in 2014 and joined into the Year 11 ATAR class. It was my first time in an Australian school.  Everyone at Lakeland SHS family was friendly towards me. They were willing to greet me and make friends. Before I came to my new school, I was afraid that I may be alone. But I worried for nothing as the students here asked me to play with them and have lunch with them. The students here were very welcoming and kind.

Lakeland SHS has a safe environment for learning. The school has excellent facilities. In the library, the computers and laptops are provided for all students to use and study. We can print my tasks in the printers provided, and also photocopy.

The teachers are also effective and very friendly. On my first day the teachers showed me around the school which helped me to be familiar with the new studying environment. English is my second language and it is a big challenge for me. However all my teachers are patient and take time to explain things to me. During my time at this school my English skills have improved due to the encouragement from my teachers to do my best, and to achieve excellent results.

I am now in Year 12. The school has provided Year 12 students with their own area which is quiet to study. Lakeland SHS has been a great school to attend while I am studying in Perth.

Emma Wang
International Student