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School Values

The Lakeland SHS motto is “Strive to Achieve”. A major goal has been to become the school of choice for local students and those seeking entry into our Approved Specialist Programs.

A number of values and beliefs are core to every day of school life. They are well known by all, constantly reinforced and held with pride by staff and students alike:

We are the Lakeland Family

There is a strong family ethos in place. Everyone is expected to look out for and care for one another.

The Lakeland SHS Brand

We have a brand and everyone is expected to act in support that brand. We conduct ourselves with pride and dignity. Our brand stands for achieving success; punching above our weight; behaving in a manner to portray the school in the best possible light; polite and respectful behaviour within the school and out in the broader community.

Lakeland SHS is a Calm and Friendly School

We value a calm school and disruption or aggressions are not tolerated.

Multicultural Diversity

Our multicultural diversity is highly valued and respected. Our shared belief in tolerance and respect for others, whatever their culture or background has enormous status.

Hero Bystanders

The students are the ones best equipped to prevent and minimise bullying, with the help and support of staff. Hero bystanders act to support one another, say “no” to bullies or report bullying when it occurs.

A You Can Do It Culture

If we are well organised, get along well, persist, have confidence and are resilient when challenged we can do anything.