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Principal’s Welcome

E218568Welcome to Lakeland Senior High School.
Lakeland SHS is a great school and has the advantage of being a mid-size secondary school, which helps in maintaining a family culture.

Lakeland SHS is an Independent Public School, which over the years has established a reputation for learning excellence and high standards. Students are expected to Strive to Achieve and make learning their priority, while aiming to complete Year 12 with a WA Certificate of Education. Our family ethos is deeply embedded into the school’s culture. This means that students look out for one another; have pride in the school and each other; celebrate our successes, learn to get along with each other and most importantly, feel a sense of belonging. We encourage our students to get involved in the many extracurricular activities we offer and we support their academic growth through attendance at the homework class held after school on Wednesdays.

We seek to have parents as partners in their child’s education. Students will do their best when we work together and are positively involved in the school as partners. The Connect portal is made available to all parents and this can be used to monitor attendance, assessments and to communicate directly with teachers. We are moving to electronic communications so it is very important that we are kept up to date with your current email address. Our website, Facebook page and Lakeland Lines newsletter are also online communication strategies we rely upon.

High expectations are associated with high standards. Students attending Lakeland SHS are expected to take pride in their appearance through wearing the full uniform. They are expected to support each other through engaging in their personal learning and not disrupting the learning of others. Students are also expected to be polite and respectful at all times. This is the Lakeland SHS way and anything less is not acceptable.

Lakeland is a calm and friendly school and students often refer to it as “chilled”. Bullying is kept to a minimum through our Hero Bystander approach, where students act to stop bullying.

Lakeland SHS has achieved much and we are looking forward to achieving even more in 2018.I am excited to be the principal of this great school and I look forward to meeting you throughout the year.

Yours faithfully
Mr Alan Brown